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Darwin Had it Wrong!!!!!!

Survival of the fittest is not a random crap shoot! Species are deliberately re-designed to respond to catastrophic environmental changes that occur due to planetary upheavals.
Now, put your DNA hat on. What if your world was filling up with water and you were drowning? What if you had the ability to add gills? Would you do it? Of course, life must continue. As a dinosaur in a chaotic world of asteroid strikes, volcanoes and earthquakes would you shift your identity to a mammal to survive the sudden nuclear winter? You bet your opposable thumbs you would!

DNA's survival imperative is survival of DNA first and by any species necessary! Is life's Collective Intelligence on the brink of eliminating our species? Have our own genetics become our lethal enemy?

Government/Industry VIPs around the world are dying young or prematurely. Sean suspects the untimely deaths are genetically based but whom or what is behind the murders? Corinne has a genetic field test that can prove DNA degradation if she can access an historical DNA sample for comparison. The discovery of an ancient tomb in Egypt may prove to be the key to solving the mystery. Secret Service agents and corrupt Industry moguls are trying to stop them from solving the mystery but for very different reasons. The Government seeks to design a new race of super human beings and the sinister Industry mogul seeks personal immortality and will stop at nothing to succeed! Sean and Corinne are on the run!

Will the pharaoh’s secret remain buried? Will time run out? Follow our heroes as they collect the clues, unravel the mystery and reveal the shocking truth!