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This review is from: The Pharaohs of Atlantis (Paperback) The character development is really super. I fell in love with the Pharaoh Zahra from the moment I first met her. And I quickly understood why she was head over heels in love with Lord Kontar too. The world of Atlantis and the Nile's tilapia was their blue plate special.
They were Atlantean Royalty without a care in the world until their future was placed in jeopardy by a tsunami and an out of control environment. I have to admit I cried like a baby at the end of the Prologue. And that was just the first chapter. But, as soon as I began Chapter 1 my tears began to dry. I couldn't believe the author could top the Prologue but as the suspense grew in each chapter, my keen interest grew right along with it right up to the surprising end. I feel the same as another reviewer, I can't wait for the sequel. What a story that one is going to be!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Roger Bean - This review is from: The Pharaohs of Atlantis (Paperback) It is an unusual and intriguing journey through mysteries of past & present, with an approach not unlike a Nero Wolfe Classic.
5.0 out of 5 stars
Great concept, January 20, 2011 By K. Pennywitt ( This review is from: The Pharaohs of Atlantis (Kindle Edition) The book has a great story line and plenty of action, romance and
intrigue.The book is really great and the idea that the pharaohs were descended
from the people of Atlantis is really a good idea.Fast moving. Hard to put down.
Can hardly wait for the next book.

By Alan B. Hais "abh" This review is from: The Pharaohs of Atlantis (Paperback) I am often disappointed after reading the author's synopsis because the book doesn't deliver. Not the case with The Pharaohs of Atlantis. The synopsis promises a fast paced thriller and is that and more!. The book's virtues go well beyond the promised action. The dialogue was really engaging, not only between the protagonists Sean Thornton and Corinne Cannon, but also between the many characters introduced throughout the book. Sean and Corinne two remind me of a co-ed Butch and Sundance. Does the name Sean Thornton sound familiar to you? It did to me but I couldn't remember where until I was watching a John Wayne movie marathon over the holidays and I caught "The Quiet Man." John Wayne's character is named Sean Thornton. There are other subtle (and not-so-subtle) references to fictional and real life characters of the 20th century that add an extra dimension to the plot. For example, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and H. G. Wells' appear as background characters for Sir Paul Gibbs' credentials. (Gibbs is the clever puppet master who drives the plot.) Read The Pharaohs of Atlantis - I don't think you will be disappointed.

By Steve Reynolds This review is from: The Pharaohs of Atlantis (Paperback) I'm willing to entertain the theory that the Universe is a giant clock that began with a big bang 14 billion years ago. I'm sure the dinosaurs would agree that that asteroid that struck in the Caribbean ruined their day. The asteroid hit was like a giant clock striking midnight for the dinosaurs and dawn for the mammals.The idea in the book that I found really intriguing was the concept that Darwin's theory was misinterpreted. The book's League of Red-Headed Men believe that a Collective Intelligence, composed of all life on the planet, is communicating at the sub-atomic level and is directing species growth based on the planet's environment. Darwin theorized that life on earth flourished based on that particular species innate ability to adapt to the new environment easier or faster than a species that was slow to adapt or that couldn't adapt.Wow! Could there be something to this idea? After all, starfish can change sex based on the need for one gender vice another. What if planet earth's imperative isn't survival of the fittest? What if the imperative is survival of DNA first and it doesn't matter which species might happen to accomplish the goal? Maybe Sean and Corinne really are on a mission to save homo sapiens first and the planet second. A rousing good read that will make you think.