The Pharaohs of Atlantis






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Indiana Jones meets The Da Vinci Code in this Tom Clancy-Dan Brown style thriller. Can a long-dead Pharaoh travel through time to warn a 21st century civilization of impending disaster? Is time travel possible via reincarnation? Is it possible to remember past lives? Have we all lived before? Are there warnings and messages contained in our genetic code? These mysteries and more are explored when Sean and Corinne meet in a prestigious Washington, DC, watering hole. Corinne is a human genome analyst on the verge of discovering the key to the future. Is it immortality or the gene-splice that leads to a super-race of human beings? Sean is a DHS national-threat analyst on the trail of a merciless killer who is targeting scientists and prominent members of the government. From the moment they meet, these two know their destinies are linked. Sean and Corinne attend a secret meeting held in the basement of the Smithsonian Institution. The meeting is sponsored by a quasi-secret society of leading scientists called The League of Red-Headed Men. The League is determined to save the planet from a consortium of inept government leaders and corrupt billionaire industrialists. The meeting is focused on the amazing Necropolis found beneath the Great Pyramid. The Ancients have left a secret message in the hieroglyphics on the wall of the tomb. The Necropolis of Atlantis is 10,000 years old and contains the mummies of the pharaohs. But before the pharaoh’s hidden message can be deciphered and revealed, the US Government stages a security crack down and arrests the attendees. Sean and Corinne barely escape the crack down but now they are on the run. Who will catch them first—the government’s secret agents or a cold-hearted, greedy billionaire industrialist? They must get to the Great Pyramid to uncover the pharaoh’s truth, but the chase will take them across Europe and the Mid East—from Washington, to London, to Spain, to a science ship in the Mediterranean, and ultimately, to Cairo. An act of explosive sabotage traps them beneath the Great Pyramid with no way out. Now they know the pharaoh’s secret, but will the secret die with them buried beneath the Saharan Desert or will they live to alert the world to the coming Life Extinguishing Event that is hovering like the Sword of Damocles above humanity’s head? Will the Pharaoh’s warning be heeded? Is our civilization lost? Will our heroes fail? Will the pharaoh’s secret remain buried? Has time run out? Follow Corinne and Sean to the end and learn the shocking truth.